EEOC Releases Report On Annual Achievements

The EEOC just released its annual “Performance and Accountability Report” which “record[s] results in its enforcement efforts during fiscal year 2015, which ended Sept. 30.”

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The EEOC stated that it “continued to implement its Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2012-2016, which the Office of Management and Budget authorized the Commission to extend through fiscal year 2018, and the related SEP.”

Highlights of the report include:

  1. 89,385 charges filed with the EEOC, and 92,641 charges resolved.
  2. More than $525 million recovered for victims of discrimination – $356.6 through mediation, conciliation, and settlements, and $65.3 through litigation.
  3. 142 lawsuits filed by the EEOC, which included “100 individual suits and 42 suits involving multiple victims or discriminatory policies (versus discriminatory treatment), of which 16 were systemic suits.”
  4. 268 “systemic” cases resolved before litigation and 26 such cases resolved through litigation.

There’s a lot more in the report.  Interest stuff to read for those in the business.


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