NYT: Case Study Of Workplace Racial Discrimination In The Construction Trades

Interesting article in today’s New York Times about Local 28 of the Sheet Metal Workers Union which “stands as a case study of how workplace discrimination has persisted in corners of the construction trades, according to federal officials, even as unions have become increasingly diverse.”

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Rachel Swarns’ article “New York Sheet Metal Workers Case Highlights Persistence of Workplace Discrimination” chronicles how “The union’s white members have received more work and larger pensions, data show. In contrast, minority members, who have lagged for decades, often struggle to find steady jobs and to earn enough credit to retire on time with full pensions. Last month, the union began paying the first installments of $12.7 million in back pay to hundreds of black and Hispanic members in a partial settlement of a bias lawsuit decades old — the oldest such case in the hands of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.”

Read it — it’s an eye-opener.


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