Employment Discrimination Fact Sheets For UK Employers

When it comes to the complexities of employment discrimination, I love fact sheets, or “cheat sheets” – short, usually page-length, easy-to-understand references.   They won’t answer all of your questions or substitute for legal counsel, but they help you identify issues which you may be facing, and direct you to relevant resources.

The EEOC just published one, for example, which I noted approvingly in my recent post, Preventing Discrimination For Dummies!

I was just apprised of a couple of great facts sheets which give bullet point type explanations of some important aspects of UK employment discrimination law, published by UK law firm, Martin Searle Solicitors.

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UK colleagues:  Good to keep them in you desk and check them out if relevant issues come up.

Check out: Pregnancy and Maternity Discrimination and Equal Pay.




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