“Hope I Die Before I Get Old” – That Was Then, This Is Now

Indulge me a few whimsical moments to travel back – way back – in time:  I’d like to show you some of the alternate titles to this post that I thought of relating to this strange age discrimination situation involving Baby Boomers and rock ‘n roll.

“Rock Around The Clock Tonight” – Or At Least ‘Til Its Time For My Early Bird Special!

Boy, Tattoos, Guitar, Rock, Pop

“Stairway To Heaven”:  A Generation’s Funeral Dirge?

Musician, Rockstar, Band, Music, Rock

“The Kids Are Alright”:  Forget The Kids, It’s You And Me I’m Worried About

Baby, Guitar, Rock, Boy, Music

“Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation.”   Indeed.   My old generation.


Performer, Musician, Guitar, Music

“What A Long, Strange … (wait, how do the rest of the words go?)”

The Very Strange Age Discrimination Matter

Let me see if I understand this new article:  Baby boomers, that cohort of mine which “built this city on rock ‘n roll,” and didn’t trust anyone over 30, is now too old to attend rock concerts without folding chairs – and claims disparate impact age discrimination because chairs are not allowed at a music festival?

Far out!

Forget discrimination — are we that old?   So soon?

Artist, British, Celebrity, English

Someone shoot me, please.

A professor at Occidental College writes that a three-day music festival known as “Desert Trip” to be put on by AEG Live, an LA festival producer, pulled a “bait and switch” – after “luring” fans “with the understanding, posted on the festival’s website, that concertgoers could bring their own seating … posted this notice on the site: ‘No chairs or blankets will be allowed in the show’” after the show sold out.

An LA Times columnist wrote that this is “sure to be a little rough on the hips, backs, knees and necks of some audience members who have seen younger days.”

The report reminds us (guess we forgot – sorry, senior moment!) that:

“The festival’s stars include Bob Dylan (who just turned 75), Paul McCartney (73), The Rolling Stones (Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are both 72), The Who (Roger Daltrey is 72 and Pete Townshend 71) and the youngster, Neil Young (70).  Given that lineup, Desert Trip, which some have called ‘Oldchella,’ was certain to attract mostly rock fans in their 60s and older. …”

OMG!  Say it ain’t so!

He then recommends tactics which those of us still sentient vaguely remember:   “protest movements, the tactics [of which] have to match the issue,” sit-down strikes, sit-in protests, and “occupying” relevant facilities.

Wow, right on!


The professor seems serious, but is this a put-on?   Maybe a bad joke?  Or an ironic shout out to “my generation?”

Perhaps an epitaph?

Rock Star, Victory, Peace, Bakery


In any event, be cool:  all is groovy.



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