New BigLaw Survey: “A Bleak Picture For Partner Pay Equity”

It’s time to go over the wall and escape from BigLaw, women partners!  You are getting bigly stiffed compared to your male partners.

Help, Refugees, Refuge, Charity, Escape

For those BigLaw folks who still think that male and female partners are compensated equally:


A survey just released by Major, Lindsey & Africa found that “women partners make on average about 69 cents for every dollar male partners make. That’s a greater disparity than statistics on compensation by gender for all lawyers or only equity partners.”

That’s 44% more for males!

BigLaw:  what is going on with this gender pay discrimination?

The results of this survey are surely not a surprise for those of us who fled BigLaw, though, and likely not a surprise to women in BigLaw.  Which is (only) one of many reasons why those of us who decided to “go over the wall” to escape BigLaw are happy that we did!

“Much of the inequity is due to origination,” said a survey spokesman.  He continued: “That’s the crux of the issue: Why are men generating more business than women? Is there some boys club aspect or not?”

Read the posts in this blog by my partner Amy Epstein Gluck and you would likely agree that there is, indeed, a boys club or “bro club” in BigLaw, as in many other fields.

As recounted by Lizzie McLellan at, “the survey results paint a bleak picture for partner pay equity.”  That’s for sure.

Lots of other stats in the article relating to comp numbers for all lawyers, as well as equity and income partners, and explanations/theories of why this disparity exists.

Eye opening.


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