“Should Men Use Botox? Ask The Thirtysomethings Who Want To Look Young Again”

“Sigh … we all get old.  Hopefully. …”

Thus begins my latest article in Above The Law, bearing the title above.

It continues:

“Age is the only protected category under the employment discrimination laws that we all hope we enter. (Except for pregnancy, I guess, which eliminates a lot of us.)

We may hope to become old, but the workplace has yet to become welcoming – or accepting. Quite the opposite. Ageism in the workplace is unabashedly rampant worldwide, with no sign of changing.

Which is not good for those of us — baby boomers — who do not want to retire and ‘go gentle into that good night.’”

Read the entire article here.  Red all of my Above The Law articles here.


Really, guys??






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Richard Cohen

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