Biglaw: Do You Know What You’re Getting Into?

This snippet from my article in Above The Law is, indeed, about employment – of lawyers. 

“Well, you passed the fraternity hazing that is law school, and the Bar exam – and if you are lucky and are allowed to pass, will be permitted to enter the hallowed trade guild that is the bar.  Law school is the gatekeeper that assures a constant flow of raw material to Biglaw — it brands and clones you to fit right in.

Do you know what you bargained for?

There Are Other Options!

“After 40 years of every type of practice I found the ideal platform — what we call the “2.0 Firm,” or “cloud” firm. All of us are partners, and virtually all are Biglaw escapees looking for a better way to practice — and live. We’ve eliminated costly overhead so that we — the working attorneys! — keep most of what we earn from our work. We can therefore charge our clients less, and — best of all — we have no billing requirements! No 2,000+ hours for which we have to account, and no one we have to account to for our time! Like being a solo within the cocoon of 200 actually collegial lawyers who are proficient in every type of law.

But this is not yet for you, Law Grad. You need to be a real lawyer first.

So wait a few, learn your trade, and then — give me call!”

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Richard Cohen

Richard Cohen

Richard B. Cohen is a partner in the New York City office of FisherBroyles, LLP, a national law firm. Richard Cohen has litigated and arbitrated complex corporate, commercial and employment disputes for more than 35 years, and is a trusted advisor to business owners and in-house counsel both in the United States and internationally. His clients have included Fortune 100 companies, domestic and foreign commercial and investment banks, Pacific-rim corporations and real estate development companies, as well as start-up businesses throughout the United States. Email Richard at [email protected]