Who Do You Think The EEOC Targets Most Under The Disabilities Act?

My recent article in Above The Law provides a few hints:

“The EEOC sued a senior living community in Colorado for refusing to accommodate an employee with fibromyalgia.  The employee’s job?

The Health & Wellness Director!

A large managed care organization settled an EEOC lawsuit alleging that it fired a food service worker suffering from hydrocephalus.  The EEOC said at the time that “One would expect that a medical center, of all places, would be sensitive and understanding on the needs and challenges of an employee with a disability.”

Any ideas?  Who are these heartless employers?

Too frequently – if EEOC cases are any indication – they are health care and medical providers, such as hospitals, nursing homes, managed care facilities … in short, the caring professions.”

Read the entire Above The Law article here.


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Richard Cohen

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