Fat Shaming In The Workplace

 My new post in Above The Law is entitled Fat Shaming In The Workplace: Is Calling Someone A “Big Bottomed Girl” Actionable? It begins:

“Multiple choice question:  Being “fat” is (a) a medical condition, (b) genetic, (c) a lifestyle choice, or (d) your own lack of discipline.

“Who isn’t concerned about their weight?  Or, to put it simply, obsessed?  Our culture (Hollywood?  Madison Avenue?  Social media?) encourages this obsession.  “And being ‘fat,’ apparently, is the ultimate shame.

“Putting medicine and sociology aside, weight is indeed all-consuming, including – or especially – in the workplace.  Does it hinder your ability to get hired?  To work in “the front office?  To be free from “fat shaming?”

Ah, fat shaming.”

Read the entire Above The Law article here.

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Richard Cohen

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