After Reading Our Blog, Congress Votes For Mandatory Anti-Harassment Training!

Wow!  November has been quite the watershed month for our blog.

We learned a few weeks ago that the entire US Senate is likely reading our blog because “what else can explain that they “passed a resolution Thursday mandating sexual harassment prevention training for all employees of the Senate, including senators.”

Mandatory Training For All!

And now – and now – it has become clear that the House of Representatives – the House of Representatives! –  has also – likely – been studying our blog: “The U.S. Congress, confronting allegations of sexual misconduct by several lawmakers, has approved legislation requiring all 535 members and their staffs to undergo mandatory anti-sexual harassment training.”

We blog, loudly and often, that employers must require such training for both managers and employees.  We’ve written that “Employers should understand that, from the top down, an anti-discrimination and anti-harassment tone and policy must be set, and all management personnel as well as line workers must be trained and educated in the basics of discrimination and harassment law and compliance and its application in the workplace.”

Moreover, very likely considering our repeated calls for having anti-harassment policies and procedures in place and following them – including mechanisms for dealing with complaints of harassment and remediating them, “Congress is considering an overhaul of its antiquated process to handle such complaints.”

Good work, Congress!  Keep reading our posts!

A Representative who preferred to remain anonymous, supposedly told her brother-in-law that “FisherBroyles’ employment discrimination blog is the go-to source for all of our workplace discrimination and harassment questions.”

Who knew?

Indeed, just yesterday Amy published a Sexual Harassment Prevention 101 guide, which we now have every reason to believe will be cited in the Congressional Record in the near future.

Amy and I are truly humbled – and thankful to our illustrious readership.  We had no idea that our little blog could change the entire Congressional workplace!  Today Congress – tomorrow ….

House Speaker Paul Ryan, without quoting us directly, said that “Sexual harassment has no place in any workplace, let alone in the United States Congress.”

Why don’t you become a subscriber, Mr. Speaker – then you won’t miss a single post!

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