Employers, Thinking About Providing PTO To Employees Who Get COVID-19 Vaccines?

If so, President Biden rewards you for it! The White House just announced a paid leave tax credit to employers that provide full pay for any employee that takes time to get a COVID-19 vaccine or recover from the side effects of a COVID-19 vaccine.

The American Rescue Plan is funding this tax credit for up to $511/day per vaccinated employee.

Before you get too excited, there is a caveat: this tax credit is only available to businesses with less than 500 employees.

Still, this credit will apply to almost half of all private employees, according to this White House Fact Sheet.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Today, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) released and posted a fact sheet to educate employers on how to claim the paid sick leave credit on their quarterly tax filings, and Treasury provided this snapshot for some additional guidance.

The White House considers this initiative to be “a critical component of ensuring that Americans can reenter or stay in the workforce as we continue to fight the virus and recover from the economic effects of COVID-19.”

Employers, take note, and revise your policies if you had not decided to provide additional paid sick leave under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.

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